Aeroponic growing: good for health, planet and finances

I was lucky to grow up in my grandparents’ huge vegetable garden. I have had less success finding the time and sunny space to grow much myself. Two years ago our family was inspired while visiting the “Living with the Land” ride at Disney’s Epcot Centre, which highlights innovative methods of farming with little land and water. Here is a video clip that shows the tour (it starts in the dark, and goes into the light at 7:00.

This week a friend sent me the link to a personal use garden that replicates similar techniques.  It is called the Tower Garden.  They retail presently for around $600, but I have no doubt a similar system could be constructed, if one had the interest, for less.  Meanwhile families can save money and benefit their health by growing their own fresh, organic produce with minimal time, land and water.  Win, win, win .  Here is a direct link to a video that demonstrates.

More on the origins of the Tower Garden, here is the direct link.

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  2. Mommybomm says:

    There is a shop nearby, rather newly opened called Root 66: Acquponics which looks like a pet shop on the inside but sells, instructs and installs ‘walls of indoor vegetables’ grown in peat/soil irrigated by nutrient-laden water that gets recycled through tubes. Its quite complicated and when I asked the young proprietor who very quite green himself and very gung ho on the concept about white flies he clammed up. Yes its a problem but with a few good sprayings of DDT it goes away.

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