Understanding and overcoming mental depression

While the world struggles with various degrees of financial depression today there are many people suffering with mental depression.  Often the two are connected.  Financial loss and worry over the past few years have understandably accelerated the onset of this illness.  Many suffer in silence.  I have met several people in my lifetime who have lost a loved one to suicide triggered by financial problems.  This is truly tragic. Often hearing others talk about their own struggles is helpful to those who are overwhelmed. Today on the 1 year anniversary of my neighbor’s suicide, I thought this discussion on the symptoms and onset of depression is worth hearing.  Recognizing symptoms, admitting problems and seeking help are crucial to recovery. Here is a direct link.

The full show will run on Charlie Rose tonight at 7 and 10 pm ET.

The Charlie Rose Brain Series: Depression. A discussion on depression with Eric Kandel of Columbia University, Peter Whybrow of UCLA, author Andrew Solomon, Frederick Goodwin of George Washington University and Helen Mayberg of Emory University. TONIGHT on Charlie Rose.

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  1. Tom Barnett says:

    Thank you for posting this. Adolescent suicide contributes a quarter of all deaths under the age of 25, and in general suicide claims 15 people out of every 100,000. If you multiply that out it is a staggering number unreported in the media.

  2. ruth bauman says:

    where can I buy a transcript May 29 broadcasr Charlie Rose re Depression

  3. Mommybomm says:

    Truly a tale for our times, sad but true. Financial repression has as its ugly twin sister hopelessness as savers get depressed after saving and putting off gratification for all those years just to see an unelected Fed chief press their heads underwater with no or little interest paid and forced to gamble in the global casinos. And look at the results. More and more losses. It is depressing, and unfortunately going to get a whole lot worse. The book “Killing Wealth, Freeing Wealth” speaks of the coming pension busts that will rip the states, municipalities and townships apart and force the breaking of the Promises. It ain’t gonna be pretty. Cash, ugly in interest paid, looks very attractive in these pocket down days. Can the March 2009 bottoms really hold? Could the world slow down so much through global austerity that new bottoms are registered for the history books of our children? Will our Depression Era parents get the final “I told you so’s?”

    Rich or poor, its good to have a lot of cash.

  4. Geotrader says:

    This is a very important topic but not one that I would listen to on the Charlie Rose program. Charlie Rose has been identified as an active member of the Globalist movement and if you look through the list of people he interviews it’s enough to make you hurl ! The same people pushing for the elimination of the nation state and monetary unions etc. Be very careful where you receive your information !

  5. Roberta says:

    All excellent comments above. Mommybomm hit the nail on the head – people who are working their butts off and trying to do the right thing are being screwed by an inept and immoral bunch of criminals running our government (all levels) and financial sectors. Ditto for corporations to some extent. It sucks and the only surprising thing is that there aren’t 10x more suicides. Or 100x.

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