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Avaaz campaign to prosecute banking fraud

Tonight Avaaz calls on citizens of the world to unite. “Big banks have been caught in a massive scam to rig global interest rates, ripping off millions of people on their mortgages, student loans and more! We’d go to jail … Continue reading

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Over-promised and under-delivered

Hedge funds have lost an average of two percent per year for the last five years.  Best in class made gross returns of 1 to 4% a year, while passive allocations in the S&P 500 from 2007 to 2012 made … Continue reading

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“Lie-more”: the main business model of big finance

The Libor scandal underlines the pervasive deceit and corruption at the heart of global finance over the past several years. Eliot Spitzer leads a good discussion on the topic in this clip. Here is a direct link.

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