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The imperfection and inevitability of social change

Chris Hedges is an expert on the history of revolt and social change movements. He has covered many of the major uprisings of the past 40 years as a front-line journalist. Depending on one’s sensibilities, he is certainly not easy … Continue reading

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Bullard and Whitney on the costs of zero-bound rates

Banking analyst Meredith Whitney and Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard discuss the costs of current Federal Reserve policy. Here is a direct link. Bullard also explained why he’d like to see more economic data before deciding … Continue reading

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Ex-broker: “most of what I did was bad for clients”

This clip is a must watch for everyone using an investment “advisor” to manage their savings. One of the most complex questions that must be confronted is why so many intelligent, hard working people continue to place their trust, hope … Continue reading

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Chinese earnings and equities still leading down

Good discussion here on the continued deterioration in Chinese earnings and equity markets which typically have led North American equity cycles by 3-4 months. The hosts grasp at the usual straws of “but won’t more central bank intervention reverse all … Continue reading

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Political guts needed on all sides

“Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has a message for the Republican and Democratic parties and their leaders this political season: Don’t wuss out. The two-term Democratic governor — and a former Democratic National Party chairman — is also the author … Continue reading

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Australia (and Canada?) running out of luck

Today we have an important piece on the risks to the Australian economy from Jonathan Tepper via John Mauldin. In my view it is a must read for Australians and Canadians and everyone else who is looking to understand and … Continue reading

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