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Doubts building on more QE next month

Doubts are growing that the Fed may ease next month. Richard Fisher, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas president, offers insight. Here is a direct link.

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Record low rates spur increased saving not spending

Up close it may seem that US bond yields have backed up a lot over the past 5 weeks. As the ECB has floundered to find consensus for the next bank bailout scheme, all hopes have turned back to the … Continue reading

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Austerity coming to America- no matter who wins the election

Anyway the chips may fall, both parties are proposing budget reforms that will necessarily slow spending and growth in America. Short and medium pain is required for some longer term fiscal balance, every which way they cut. Here is a … Continue reading

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Insiders selling with both fists

I have written about trends in insider selling several times over the years.  In my experience, individual insiders sell stock for a few common reasons: When a restricted period lifts and they are finally able to, they commonly sell to … Continue reading

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