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Five years on in the Great Recession

Great article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Financial Times today surveying the seemingly never-ending nightmare which is our present global debt crisis.  Read it here:  Five years on, the Great Recession is turning into a life sentence. But this too … Continue reading

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Time, austerity and deleveraging are the economic cure–not God, magicians or politicians

With all the buzz this weekend about the fresh-faced Ryan joining the Romney ticket one might think the smiling duo is a game changer in terms of the economy and recovery. Who knows which team will win more votes in … Continue reading

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Danielle on This Week in Money

Danielle was a guest on This Week in Money with Phil Mackesy on the weekend, talking about recent developments in world markets and the economy. You can listen to an audio clip of the discussion here by advancing the play … Continue reading

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