Money Talks radio today

I will be a guest on Money Talks radio today on the Corus radio network with Victor Adair who is standing in for the vacationing Michael Campbell. You can listen live on the air or here on the net at 12:00 ET (9:00 PT), and here in the archives after the show at September 8 and 9:00am. Once at 9:00 am, if you click on the play bar you can advance the clip to the start of the interview at 6:05.

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  1. Metro Van Observer says:

    Bravo Danielle! I wish more people like you were given more air time in the MSM. You killed this interview with some ‘inconvenient’ truths and spoke beautifully about the issues confronting the AVERAGE working man/woman/family in a matter of fact way.

    I was shocked to see that this program allowed you to come on and state these facts. They are typically focussed on trading but was glad they gave you the extensive air time they did.

    Thank you for stating the TRUTH.

  2. John McKinnon says:


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