Power is in good people doing the right things

Today as we mark the 11th anniversary of 9/11, this look back reminds us of how powerful the goodness in people can be when we act together to do the right things. This film has been modified from the original 2010 documentary produced by NBC and narrated by Tom Brokow to support a movement to foster community resilience in the face of future crises. See www.road2resilience.org to learn more. Here is the direct link.

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  1. aliencaffeine says:

    Isn’t it absolutely amazing that we haven’t had even one terrorist attack against us since 911? And to think of all that money we spent irradiating our own citizens in detectors at the airports, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan etc with all those dead and horribly disabled soldiers and soldierettes that will cost us trillions for years to come? Why I will be the first to be so bold to openly admit that those boxcutters turned out to be the best return on investments in the history of the world, bar none.

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