PBS Frontline: Climate of Doubt

How does climate change factor into Decision 2012? Here is a direct link.

Watch Climate of Doubt on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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6 Responses to PBS Frontline: Climate of Doubt

  1. John C says:

    First, the fear was for another ice age––remember that? Then the fear was global warming, but that’s been largely discredited. So now, the people who want to tax the most abundant element on earth, have settled on the term “climate change.”

    Using the term “climate change” is smart because, now, they can’t be wrong. Because climate change is normal. It happens, with large swings in climate able to take place over short periods of time, such as the mini Ice Age in the Middle Ages and the great warning period in the 18th century.

    The Earth’s climate will change with or without humanity. And if history teaches us anything, it teaches us that our interventionist “cures” always have unintended consequences that can be far worse than the “disease.”

    But what bothers me most about the whole debate is that, IMO, the real problem we should be dealing with is not climate change, but POLLUTION! Pollution of our air, water, soil, food, our bodies, etc. We are under toxic, genetic, electromagnetic attack on more fronts than a world war. Pollution, in all its forms, is something we can actually do something about, yet we waste all this time being diverted by the issue of “climate change” which, likely, we can’t do much about.

  2. falsedata says:

    For the most part solar power is a dream. However there are a few systems that can work. Esolar is one of them…..



  3. Mamba says:

    6 hours of presidential and vice-presidential debate, and global warming/climate change got not even ONE mention!

    This is beyond tragic, it’s bordering on criminally negligent! 😯

  4. William says:

    Climate change is one of the most hyped issues of today. Of course, climate does change. But what can we humans do about it ? Very little or absolutely nothing. So, stop whining about it and accept that it happens.

  5. falsedata says:

    “POLLUTION! Pollution of our air, water, soil, food, our bodies, etc. We are under toxic, genetic, electromagnetic attack on more fronts than a world war.”

    SPOT ON, this guy gets it! The only problem with fighting pollution you may ask? The vampire squid can’t squeeze a fee out of that. Also the world would have to shut China down as it is now by far the worst industrial pollution machine running!

  6. Thank you for sharing the video clip. Just want to say paying carbon tax is not the solution. We need to change our behaviours.

    If you can walk, don’t drive. Walking makes you healthier. It saves you fuel cost. It saves you gym membership fees. It’s zero emission. JW, Langley, BC

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