Canadians urged to prepare for Hurricane Sandy

The storm, moving up the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, has already caused the cancellation of hundreds of flights to and from Eastern Canada. Wind warnings have been posted by Environment Canada covering much of southern Ontario, along with parts of Eastern Ontario and western Quebec along the St. Lawrence River.

If we have power tonight, we plan to hunker down with the family for a movie night watching “The Perfect Storm” and hope for the best.  Good luck everyone.

See Canadians urged to prepare for hurricane Sandy:

“Be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for at least 72 hours in an emergency,” Mike Morton, the Canadian Red Cross director of disaster management in Ontario, said in a release. “By taking some time now to store emergency food, water and other supplies, you can provide for your entire family during a power outage or evacuation.”Among items to consider for an emergency kit are:

  • Four litres of water per person for each day of a 72-hour period (two litres for drinking, and two litres for washing)
  • Enough non-perishable or canned food for each person for 72 hours, as well as enough food for pets
  • A manual can opener
  • A crank or battery-operated flashlight, with extra batteries
  • A crank or battery-operated radio, with extra batteries
  • Spare keys for the house and car
  • A first aid kit
  • Cash in small bills, in case power outages restrict the use of bank machines”

What no gold coins??? I’m shocked.

Here is a direct link.

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6 Responses to Canadians urged to prepare for Hurricane Sandy

  1. FredB says:

    “What no gold coins??? I’m shocked.”

    You shouldn’t be. Gold is for longer term emergencies when your currency stops working or when your cashless society infrastructure fails to function.

  2. William says:

    Is Sandy supposed to wreak havoc in Canada ?

  3. falsedata says:

    What no gold coins??? I’m shocked.

    Oh God, give it a rest. Go turn on your solar panel…….No Sun…I’m shocked!

  4. .................. says:

    heheh nice jab at the gold bugs 🙂

  5. aliencaffeine says:

    True. Long Term Emergency Private Reserve.

    Mock it all you wish, desire, need. Our side will win.

  6. dazzo says:

    “What no gold coins??? I’m shocked.”

    I could see where an “enterprising” individual would be willing to part with an extra portable generator for a few American Eagles.
    Interesting how John Hussman, whose writings you follow closely, is able to incorporate precious metals into his investment strategy……………

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