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I have never been a fan of Stephen Harper. But recently his increasing focus on end-running democracy and selling out Canadian resources to the communist Chinese government without debate or due process, have truly taken a turn for the sinister. On October 31, Prime Minister Harper is planning an automatic approval of the China Canada Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPA) into law without public or parliamentary debate or vote.

If FIPA becomes law, a Chinese company can take over Canadian resources and then sue Canadian governments – provincial or federal – before a secret tribunal rather than open court, if the government does anything that threatens the company’s profits.

Here is Clayton Ruby, see: Urgent action: stop Harper’s bad for Canada Trade Treaty.

“This trade deal is the most significant foreign investment pact since NAFTA and the Harper government quietly released it with a mere twenty-one days notice before enactment. It would give Chinese companies invested in Canada the right to sue us for making decisions that impact their profits – be they for labour, health, banking, human rights or environmental protection.

For example, if British Columbia says “no” to the Northern Gateway pipeline, then Chinese investors in Enbridge can sue Canada for limiting their profits—an amount that might well total hundreds of millions of dollars. Pulled out of our taxpayer pockets and without our knowledge.

How is that possible? Because any Chinese lawsuit filed won’t be brought before a Canadian court of law. Not under this treaty. Instead, a three person arbitration panel decides the outcome. Behind closed doors. Without any recourse to Canadian judicial review or appeal.”

There is still time to voice your vote for open debate and discussion before this alarming policy is enacted upon Canada, by signing an open letter petition here. But time is of the essence.

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  1. michael says:

    He certainly has a stoicism about him…..I have often wondered what he is really about is he some sort of “Manchurian Candidate” don’t know but he is scary…..problem is as long as he enjoys a free ride from stumbling, bumbling opposition parties nothing will change. Maybe the second coming of “Trudeau mania” will catch some wind…..
    “Manchurian candidate …a candidate running for office who publicly supports one group to win election, but uses his executive or legislative powers to assist an opposing group; it should not be confused with a sleeper agent who has been brainwashed into working for a political party”….Urban Dictionary

  2. Len Kottmeier says:

    Dear Mr. Harper, I voted for you but you are making a HUGE mistake regarding this deal with China. DO NOt SIGN anything and do the right thing by putting it up for discussion in Parliament! This deal could very well backfire and be very very costly!!!
    For the sake of all Canadian taxpayers and the generations of Canadians to come I repeat DO NOT SIGN THIS DEAL!!

  3. Barry says:

    The Norwegians played hardball with foreign oil companies and won. The story is incredible when compared with the Canadian approach.

    Since the 1970s, Norway as a matter of policy has collected between 70 and 80 per cent of the resource wealth generated from their oil industry through corporate taxes twice as high as Canada, and a special tax on oil profits. In Alberta, royalties collected on all oil sands production in 2010 were 10 per cent of industry revenues.

    And state owned Statoil controls 30% of all revenues which directly benefits the Norwegian people through generous welfare policies while the lions share – 96% – goes right into the second largest sovereign wealth fund in the world which invests for the future when oil runs out.

    Suffice to say that most Norwegians (I lived in Oslo) think we are NUTS.

    See the following story of what we can expect if we give away the farm …

  4. Aizlynne says:

    Danielle, I do not wish to be critical because I overall enjoy your site, however, you are not giving a complete story when it comes to FIPA between Canada and China.

    “Negotiations began in 1994, but were put on hold for a few years while China focused on gaining admission to the World Trade Organization. Talks resumed in 2004 and the agreement was signed Sept. 9, 2012, in Vladivostok, Russia. ” Clearly the Liberals wanted a deal just as much as the Conservatives.

    “Canadian businesses have been pushing for years for a FIPA agreement with China to reduce the risks of investing in a country where opportunities are boundless, but corruption is rife. “This is to protect Canadian capitalists when they go into China,” says Ian Lee, a trade expert at Carleton University.” If this is such a secretive arrangement (even though it was started in 1994) how come most Cdn businesses want it?

    Personally speaking, I think gov’t should stay the hell out of my wallet and personal life.

    I do like to read articles that are well balanced and show both sides of the story. I just wished you spent a bit more time doing some research and presenting both points Danielle so that we can reach our own conclusions.

    I got my research from an article in the Ottawa Citizen if you are looking for a reference.

  5. Attila Balazs says:

    Well, I think this is part of the same scheme.

    Union questions why Mandarin an ‘asset’ at B.C. mine

  6. JW says:

    done, sign the petition. thanks. jw, langley bc

  7. Joseph says:

    This development brings to mind the old Lenin wisecrack (as in Vladimir Lenin not John Lennon, although he was known for some very witty and profound wisecracks of his own): “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

    Incidentally, considering the high level of internal corruption within China they may “hang” themselves too. There seems to be a lot of potential for significant social and political unrest there.

  8. Andre says:

    Would direct you to another point of view, expressed by Laura Dawson, of Dawson Strategic. We have 30 of these agreements in place already and each is equally beneficial to Canadian companies, operating in the respective country.

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