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60 Minutes: Is the U.S. Senate broken?

Once a great deliberative body, the Senate is now known for deadlock, dysfunction and political games. Will Tuesday’s election help? Steve Kroft reports. Here is a direct link.

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More thoughts on gold and gold mining companies

Source: Cory Venable, CMT, Venable Park Investment Counsel Inc. Eclectica Asset Management manager Hugh Hendry at the Buttonwood Gathering 2012 talks about his views on gold, inflation, China and the global economy. Here is a direct link, Henry speaks for … Continue reading

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The other side of gold

“Assume that even in this depressed economy, you can afford to blindly stockpile gold like many other people are doing. But have you considered realistically what the end game is for gold itself? When the economy crashes what happens to … Continue reading

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Chanos on the deflating credit bubble in China

The biggest monthly surge in Chinese banks since January isn’t enough to stop Jim Chanos from shorting the financial shares as the portfolio manager wagers the country faces a credit crisis as bad loans increase. Here is a direct link.

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What happens if US election ends in a tie?

Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols looks at the scenario that could cause a tie in the Electoral College and how the presidential election would then be decided. Here is a direct link.

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