Fiscal deal impasse widens

Both sides have given up ground in the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations in Washington, but the surprise tactic of the Republicans to put forth a “Plan B” has suddenly thrown the whole deal into doubt.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner essentially stormed out of the negotiations a couple of days ago and put forth his own bill, which he refers to as “Plan B.” This bill extends the Bush tax cuts for all Americans except those making $1 million or more.

Greg Valliere, the Chief Political Strategist at Potomac Research Group, says the Republican ploy is the “worst case scenario” for the negotiations. Here is a direct link.

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4 Responses to Fiscal deal impasse widens

  1. Robert Lynn says:

    Obama and the Democrats are attempting to rule in a dictatorial fashion. In the United States there is a legislative function and it is the proper for the Republicans in the House to proceed presenting legislation and if approved forward it on to the Senate for consideration. The Democrats in the Senate and the White House refuse to accept a free democratic government process preferring to set up a marxist style regime. The morons that elected these fools will reap the reward of a greatly diminished standard of living and the collapse of the social safety net.

  2. Roberta says:

    Let’s go ahead and go over the cliff. At least we will get some minor spending cuts. Any “deal” will be loaded with pork for special interests so it will be a raw deal for the people. What the heck, maybe the rest of the world will stop supporting the dollar, the US will not be able to buy oil to run the country, we’ll have a total collapse, civil war, and get to start over with about 1/3 the current population. Might be for the best.

  3. Robert Lynn says:

    dazzo Obama after his first term is still lacking any qualification to be President. His attitude, inability to work with, and negotiate with Congress indicates to me that Obama is nasty to work for and a profoundly disturbed individual. Have read the book, “Snakes In Suits”? Obama screams the psychopathic tells the book describes.

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