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Danielle’s weekly market update

Danielle was a guest today on Talk Digital Network with Phil Mackesy, discussing recent trends in the world economy and markets. You can listen to an audio clip of the segment here.

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Global growth in cyclical downturn

I spoke with Bridgette Anderson (a relatively luxurious 10 full minutes) last weekend discussing the outlook for the global economy and various world markets. Here is a direct link to the video clip.

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Update on political and economic risks in 2013

Nouriel Roubini, co-founder of Roubini Global Economics LLC, and Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group, talk about the European debt crisis, U.S. fiscal policy and political tensions in North Africa. Tom Keene is obnoxious in his perpetual push for “happy” … Continue reading

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Portrait of the fiscal cliff

I included this chart of the US dollar index against a basket of global currencies in a presentation I did in Vancouver on the weekend. It helps put some big picture perspective on the US dollar and how its movements … Continue reading

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The downside of over-priced

Apple making news this morning on lower earnings growth and the weakest sales increase in 14 quarters. The share price that was $700 in September 2012, is today at $454 for a decline of 35% in 3 short months. The … Continue reading

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Giant wall of US cash still building

Everyone from consumers to companies is exhibiting a still growing preference for holding cash. The media keeps saying this flows because of uncertainty about regulation changes. This is missing the real issue here. The reality is that cash is held … Continue reading

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