Clinton-Warren ticket?

Interesting discussion in The New Yorker this week about how respected Senator and return of Glass Steagall advocate, Elizabeth Warren, might be used to bolster the Clinton ticket.  Good question; but since Clinton has, so far at least, rejected the idea of returning Glass Steagall divisions, compatibility is unclear.  Seeing a two woman ticket run against the Donald however–doubtless entertaining.  See Elizabeth Warren goes to war against Donald Trump:

“Some Democrats have been talking hopefully about a Clinton-Warren ticket, and there’s a good argument to be made for that. It’s hard to imagine the rapprochement that would make Clinton pick Sanders (and many Bernie supporters would probably rather see him carry on post-primaries as the leader of a recharged progressive movement), but Warren would help Bernie supporters get over their disappointment and come out to vote in November….

…there is something bold and delicious about the idea of a two-woman ticket. As Michelle Goldberg wrote in Slate last week, “One of the many dispiriting things about this primary season is the degree to which Clinton’s baggage has dampened excitement over the prospect of our first female president.” But Warren’s presence would cast this “feminist promise into high relief.” Clinton, having played the woman card, should “double down,” Goldberg wrote. Moreover, there is the prospect that such a doubling-down would discombobulate Trump, since older women (that is, women his own age) would seem to be a category of person he’d rather not look at or think about.

There are also good reasons that Warren might not be the Vice-Presidential pick. She could well decide that she’s more effective remaining in the Senate—especially since, were she to leave her Senate seat to serve as Vice-President, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, would appoint her replacement. (Paul Waldman has written about this scenario.)

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