Print-on-demand revolution changes everything

On line retailers are upending bricks and mortar stores and commercial realty markets…on site printing will upend pretty much everything.  From retailers to wholesalers, warehousing, packaging, transport, labor, capital flows and international trade, all while bringing massive savings to consumers and the environment.  The future will be different than anything most can imagine.  This is happening.

Watch: Forget shopping. Now you will download your new clothes.

We can also make all sorts of useful products from recaptured carbon from our atmosphere. From food to fertilizers, fuel, and construction materials like cement, graphene, nanotubes, and carbon fiber. Luckily while naysayers waste time and energy, smart minds are focused on solutions every day.  See Carbon to cupcakes: 6 amazing things we can create from carbon dioxide:

Dr. Marcius Extavour is the Director of Technical Operations of the $20 Million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a competition designed to showcase new ways to transform carbon dioxide into materials we can use, instead of allowing it to escape into the atmosphere. Registration deadline is July 15th, 2016. Form or join a team today!

Also see: Super-materials: The foundation of the future.

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