The biggest winners in an IEX approval: free markets

Today the Wall Street Journal runs with 5 things you should know about IEX:

IEX Group Inc. is likely to win approval to launch a new stock exchange when the Securities and Exchange Commission’s three members vote Friday on its controversial application. IEX’s unique design, which it says favors the needs of long-term investors, has divided Wall Street and antagonized competitors such as the New York Stock Exchange, which lobbied against IEX and pressured the SEC to deny full approval to IEX. Here are five things you should know about IEX.

In point 5, the article offers a list of early investors and advocates who it says will be “big winners” if the IEX wins SEC approval tomorrow. But the article fails to make mention of the biggest winners of all: legitimate investors trying to ‘invest’ rather than cheaters gaming and skimming legitimate investor flows. This comparative list remedies that oversight.

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