Hats off to Bill Gates

If I were a semi-retired billionaire I would hope that I would not just sit around my house shopping on-line and drinking martinis, I would hope to invest my energy in solving a world problem or two. In 2050 I will be 84 and my kids will be 51 and 52 hopefully with kids of their own. And hopefully by that point, we will have engineered for the world much more sustainable methods of harnessing and burning energy on our planet. Gates speaks about a new type of nuclear reactor he is investing in to achieve the attainable “miracle” of zero carbon emissions globally by 2050. I know it is possible to achieve innovation “miracles” (we have certainly done it many times before) and especially when people stop resisting change, and stop spending their time arguing about whether cleaner, sustainable, domestic energy is a good idea or not. Can we just get on with it already please? Time is a wasting.

Hat tip Barry Ritholtz

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gates's presentation of the TeraPower project gives one a good feeling that there are indeed promising things going on that may offer strategic solutions for both sustainable clean energy AND mitigate climate change issues. This video was well worth 27 minutes of my time.

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