Danielle’s weekly market update on This Week in Money

Danielle spoke to Phil Mackesy of This Week in Money discussing recent developments in the global economy and world markets. You can listen to the audio clip here by advancing the play bar to 14:50.

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2 Responses to Danielle’s weekly market update on This Week in Money

  1. dazzo says:

    It’s obvious that you look at the market in terms of secular bear/bull cycles which last roughly 16-18 years give or take. How about Japan though? They’ve been in a secular bear for over twenty years with no end in sight. Waiting for that to turn around is kind of like “Waiting for Godot”. Your thoughts? Thanks!

  2. doug robertson says:

    A word to the wise:

    Illinois share of unpaid debt is slated to rise from 5,000,000,000 to 35,000,000,000 in the next five years. The State of IL owes the University of Illinois over 500 million dollars. These numbers even reflect the largest state income tax increase in history. They took the tax rate from 3% to 5%.
    Many businesses are planning to leave including Sears, Caterpillar to other nearby states. This is not good.

    Stash the cash, wait for a good deep buying opportunity, but you may have to wait awhile. Too bad IL doesn’t have Apple Computer, for GROWTH is the only answer to this mess.

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