Food: our most powerful medicine

I finally watched the documentary “Forks over Knives” today.  Everyone should.  Solutions for our health and that of the planet are one and the same. Here is the trailer.

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  1. JW says:

    Oh! Yes. I totally agree. Mom always says “eat your carrots and peas” JW, Vancouver

  2. doug robertson says:

    Yes, but don’t let the peas touch the carrots or you’ll get tantruming toddlers!

    I volunteer at a local food pantry, and it bothers me the kind of foods that are offered ‘free’ to the needy. Most of it is canned foods with astronomical sodium levels or sugar, sugar, sugar. Enriched wheat flour cotton candy-like white bread is in abundance and they all grab for the multitudes of loaves.

    We do offer fresh fruits and vegetables when available. The two meat refrigerators are always a favorite. Cookies, cakes, candy, chips are quickly snapped up, even though we must limit the amounts to 2 or 3 items each.

    I myself couldn’t survive on much of this ‘free’ food without endangering my health and ending up with a bad life-long bout of inflammation.

    A good book to read is ‘Win the War Withing’ by Floyd Chilton. It is an extremely good read about the widespread inflammation causing asthma, diabetes, heart disease etc etc etc etc. The health cure suggested is through a healthy diet and honing in on essential fatty acids esp. fish. The chapter on arachidonic acid AA is quite telling. Avoid it, and you’ll be much, much better off.

    The movie clip was great. Thanks much!

  3. Barry says:

    I saw this doc last year and a part was filmed in the BC town where I live – inspiring. If you can’t get off the meat fix (neither can I) at least eat less (I do). Moreover watching your weight and keeping your diet as fresh as you can does pay … dividends. A couple of times a week I blend carrots, celery, apples, bananas, bit of yogurt, mildly sweet blueberry preserves from our picking expedition in July, cinnamon, cloves,vanilla extract and cranberry juice … enough for three days so it’s basically an every morning drink – filling and delicious! Add a spoonful of psyllium husk + grounded flax mix and a bit of cayenne pepper (only a small amount otherwise it may be too strong ) just before you drink. Cheap as blazes if you do it right.

    I brown bag salmon (grated celery, parsley, dill, salt, pepper, soya mayonnaise – with iceberg lettuce) sandwiches for lunch and find my food bill overall to be not so bad. I rarely buy processed food and eat in restaurants.

    Make some changes and hope for the best! Although at 59 I feel great I had a couple of friends who were organic vegans and they supplied home grown wheatgrass for many health outlets in Vancouver. He died from thyroid cancer at age 45 and she came down with breast cancer at age 42. Go figure.

  4. Bobbi says:

    I’m hearing that vitamin D can greatly reduce your risk of cancer. Dr. Mercola discusses it frequently on his site. Basically, the best way to get adequate levels is from the sun, it’s impossible to overdose this way. A few caveats: 1. enough skin must be exposed 2. at a time of day when the sun is at it’s highest 3. and you must not wash the skin with soap for 24 hrs. after exposure. Vitamin D is made using the oils on your skin, so washing it away is useless. I could have some of this wrong, I’m not a doctor, so if you’re interested please look into it.

    Living so far north in winter might make it impossible to get what would be required. Good Luck!

  5. doug robertson says:

    5,000 of Vitamin D per day is what I take. Either thru Swansons or thru my doctors 50,000 little green pill taken once a week but you need to get your blood levels tested to know if you aren’t overdoing it.

    On that salmon, make sure its wild-caught cold-water salmon and NOT farm-raised warm water Atlantic salmon or you are in for a nasty surprise. There is a little known amino acid called AA that you don’t want in your system in great amounts and Mr. Salmon is a great little factory at converting LA into AA especially if Mr. Salmon is fed toxic grain into the warm ocean feeding ponds. You are what you eat, and that goes for Mr. Salmon. Just make that salmon wild caught Sockeye from the Pacific coasts. You really do get what you pay for.

  6. doug robertson says:

    Could it have been living in Vancouver that did them in? Maybe they should have lived over in Victoria!

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