Fed hides truth about financial crisis and revolving door rewards

The Federal Reserve has been releasing its transcripts on a five-year delay. It released some from the 2008 crisis early, following a Freedom of Information Act request from MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan show. The Fed says they are all about disclosure.  Their redactions show the truth about who’s interests they are serving first. Here is the direct video link.

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One Response to Fed hides truth about financial crisis and revolving door rewards

  1. John says:

    You don’t have to read the transcripts to know whose interests the Fed serves above all others’.

    We all know that with regards to any enterprise, it is the owners whose interests take top priority. As it should be. So who own’s the Fed? Primarily the money centre banks in the US. Therefore, for good or for ill, it is their interests that come first in the hallowed halls of the Eccles Building in Washington and behind the stone facade of 33 Liberty in New York.

    The question is not whose interest does the Fed serve. The question should be, should the control of a nation’s money supply be in hands of private interests? This privilege provides these same private interests tremendous powers to game the financial system to their advantage. Until their chicanery causes the system to collapse under the weight of their own greed. But even though they destroy the system, they do not pay the consequences. That “privilege” is reserved for ‘we the people.’

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