Marc Faber on the cycles of Gloom, Boom and Doom

I recently met with Marc Faber in Vancouver and we shot a segment for the Kelowna Wealth and Money Show that played this weekend.
Here is the direct video link.

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4 Responses to Marc Faber on the cycles of Gloom, Boom and Doom

  1. John says:

    Danielle, it’s nice to see you on the other side of the interview. It’s good to have an expert asking the questions as well as answering them.

  2. thank you, I enjoy talking and listening. D

  3. Roberta says:


    Thanks for an excellent interview. Spooky stuff.

    WOW! Worse than the 20s?

    But when? Maybe this “How Long Until America Hits the Wall” article on will tell us:

    It’s hard to believe after all we’ve seen in the past 12 years, and particularly the past 4 years, that it’ll all come crashing down finally. People have been saying it will for a long time, and things seem “almost” normal again…………but I guess they aren’t really normal are they?

  4. michael says:

    Always enjoy the original Dr. Doom….he is a great entertainer….yes one day he surely may be right, but not to break 666 for an absolute systemic collapse worse than the 20’s (gee I thought it was the 30’s) …but then who can argue with a Dr.
    He seems to talk in an endless loop with no beginning and no end and sometimes seems to forget where he began. Maybe the lifestyle is catching up.
    Anyway always entertaining.

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