PBS Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street- part 1

This is the first of a four part series worth watching. Here is the direct link.

Watch Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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4 Responses to PBS Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street- part 1

  1. Barry says:

    This was an easy to understand but difficult to digest documentary on the 2008 meltdown. Tavakoli – interviewed in Michael’s link above – is right about prosecution of the culprits … we’re running out of time and folly persists, made more sinister by the (mostly) same crew which steered us into this mess.

    I’m afraid we’ll end as Mr. Grantham said in an interview with Barron’s when asked about the lessons learned from the meltdown … “We will learn an enormous amount in a very short time, quite a bit in the medium term and absolutely nothing in the long term. That would be the historical precedent.”

  2. JW says:

    Excellent programs. Worth the time. Thank you. JW, Vancouver

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