Money Talks radio today at 12:00 ET

Danielle will be a guest today on Money Talks with Michael Campbell at 12:00 ET on the Corus Radio Network.  An audio archive is available here after the show starting at 9am PT and advancing the grey play bar to 10:22  .

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  1. michael says:

    “All you gotta do is tune in man”

    Common theory by majority of “informed” pundits is that we are in for a systemic collapse before we can rebuild. It’s only a matter of time, 1932 on steroids.
    Keeping in mind Bob Farrels rule number 9 one would have to ask what is the other side of the trade.
    Perhaps the Plutarchy has it all figured out and this is how it will play.
    We are not in for a general systemic collapse at all, rather a slow multi year grind designed to reduce the standard of living of the great unwashed to more historic standards, Bob’s rule number 1.
    Historically speaking the masses, of the developed world, have lived a lot poorer than they are today. That will be reaffirmed.
    The plutarchy will ensure that the masses will once again be content to pay the rent and buy the groceries. Gone will be expectaions of a home with granite and stainless in suburbia, three cars and a housekeeper.
    Once the disenfranchised have been sufficiently beaten into submission industry will begin to rebuild. Manufacturing and local production will see a genesis fueled by cheap labour and even cheaper energy costs, thanks to ridiculously cheap and plentiful water, natural gas, and yellow cake.
    It may take at least twenty years and in the meantime pundits and plutocrats will continue doing what they do, and the rest of us well….as an old hippy said to me many years ago, “All you gotta do is tune in man.”

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