Political pressure from “Lie-bor” building

With criminal charges rumored to be pending in the Libor scandal, those of us who have watched bankers run wild the past few years will believe it when we see it. One can hope…Eurasia Group Comparative Analytics Director Dan Alamariu discusses the political and global repercussions of the Libor-rigging scandal. Here is a direct link.

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One Response to Political pressure from “Lie-bor” building

  1. michael says:

    No hope …… What we can be sure of is the elites will continue to play and gorge and they will wash it all down with Almas Caviar and Petrus and all at the expense of the citizenry.
    Necessary change will come….eventually…. but it will not be sooner and it will be at a greater cost than most of us can imagine.
    Reversion to mediocrity…..maybe not so bad.

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