Why we make bad decisions about money

Ever wondered what you were thinking after making a bad decision? Nobel Prize-Winning Psychologist Daniel Kahneman explains.

Here is a direct link.

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  2. aliencaffeine says:

    As of late, I’ve been getting uneasy silence when I speak to Fidelity Inv. representatives in our local office in Oak Brook, IL on how all of these now retiring boomers are going to get their ‘assumed returns on their money’ back to them.

    Hint: It isn’t going to be easy/happen is the general feeling I get from the Fido reps.

  3. robert j heartland says:

    Here is another reason why people make bad decisions. Because it is in their interests because they are making one hell of a lot of money! I’m taking about the banksters and their Super Rich masters who have told them they will do no time. There is one set of laws for the Super Rich and then there is a different set of laws for everybody else. Now it is really getting to be glaring in your face at times hypocrisy! The Super Rich are beginning to not even care what comes out at times on the internet and now the news media. The hubris is unbelievable! I think there is going to be a social explosion eventually. How and when is anyone’s guess but it’s not going to be pretty at all. And these people are going to be the violent ones! If I was a cop at such a point in time I’d hand in my badge and say to the dopes who allowed this kind of theft “You did this! Your on your own!” “Go ahead and bring in the military and start killing people,lots of them in order to terrorize WE THE PEOPLE into submission!” America will never have another free breath of air again.

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