Customers drive the economy

“The Tax Policy Center took a close look at Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s proposed tax and economic plan and concluded that it would cut taxes for the richest Americans and actually raise them on the poor. Romney has proposed cutting all tax rates by 20% and eliminating tax deductions, while also capping federal government spending at 20% of GDP. After doing the math, the Tax Policy Center concluded that this would help the country’s highest-earners and hurt the lowest-earners.”

This proposal is coming at a time when US personal tax rates are near historic lows and the top 10 most profitable US companies paid just 9% of their pre-tax earnings to the federal government last year helping them to amass record levels of cash on hand. Even more cash in the hands of the 1% will not help to spur a strong economic recovery. Only more customers with income can do that.

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2 Responses to Customers drive the economy

  1. Robert Lynn says:

    Customers spending unearned money don’t drive the economy. Serious people can not be buying this class war race war idiocy Obama is pushing. No matter what you may think of Romney, Obama is still an economic illiterate and unfit to serve in any responsible capacity.

  2. William says:

    And one Danielle Park is surprised to see this kind of policy from this guy ? He probably’s good friend of one guy called Grover Norquist.

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