David Stockman on Ryan’s “fairy tale budget plan”

David Stockman, was director of the Office of Management and Budget from 1981 to 1985, and is author of the forthcoming book “The Great Deformation: How Crony Capitalism Corrupts Free Markets and Democracy.”

In a NY Times Op-Ed yesterday he highlights the weak-kneed nonsense behind the allegedly “bold” Ryan budget plan which preserves insane levels of defense spending and some entitlement programs while splicing splinters off the cost bone in cuts to subsistence programs such as food stamps and health insurance benefits for the poor and disabled.

Adults must insist on an adult conversation about the numbers needed to cut the deficit. Governments cannot afford to preserve and hold harmless, crony popular areas. Every program needs to be up for significant cuts across the board. Time to get serious and turn the election attention into a productive, math based campaign.

We do need real fiscal conservatives in policy positions everywhere today, but shared pain, means shared by everyone.  See Stockman’s whole article here: Paul Ryan’s Fairy Tale Budget Plan.

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2 Responses to David Stockman on Ryan’s “fairy tale budget plan”

  1. FredB says:

    From economist Justin Wolfers:
    “Stockman’s critique is that Ryan isn’t as much of an extremist anti-government guy as he is.”


  2. FredB says:

    From 2011

    Erskine Bowles: Ryan budget is “sensible…honest, serious”

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