Doubts building on more QE next month

Doubts are growing that the Fed may ease next month. Richard Fisher, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas president, offers insight. Here is a direct link.

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2 Responses to Doubts building on more QE next month

  1. Chris says:

    An interesting observation from Nassim Taleb. As markets get more volatile and subject to external shocks (like QE), the most successful money managers end up being successful because they’re lucky, rather than because they’re particularly good. Given a random distribution of money managers, some of them will end up picking the right strategy to maximize profit from a given external shock.

    The corollary is that the money managers that are successful today are unlikely to be successful in the future, because they’re not likely to get that lucky again.

  2. Chris says:

    BTW, was that interview intended to be journalism, or just a series of trite and cloyingly cute questions punctuated by annoying animated graphs?

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