Political guts needed on all sides

“Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has a message for the Republican and Democratic parties and their leaders this political season: Don’t wuss out.

The two-term Democratic governor — and a former Democratic National Party chairman — is also the author of the book, “A Nation of Wusses: How America’s Leaders Lost the Guts to Make us Great.”

According to Rendell, politicians change positions too often, refuse to admit mistakes or credit their rivals and won’t say “no” their base. Underlying these and other signs of “wussiness,” says Rendell, is a lack of backbone.” Here is a direct link.

Ps. true leaders lead, they don’t cower and pander to the status quo

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4 Responses to Political guts needed on all sides

  1. michael says:

    Well good luck on that Ed.
    Sycophant puppets are put in place by the monied interests. Masses programed to vote based on compounding mass media message. Democracy? Gimme a break.
    The Big O had a moment in history to grab the ball and run with it. That moment in time has been lost forever. Where are the leaders.
    JFK outstared the Russians. He promised the moon and he delivered. For all his faults and failures at least he was a leader. Where is Marylin when you really need her.
    Please come back Norma Jean!!

  2. Robert Lynn says:

    Rendell is a hard core Marxist and is part of the problem. What kind of a country could elect Obama as President? Rendell is just a cog in the Obama communist regime working hard to deliver the moron vote once again. It puzzles me why anyone with any economic literacy would post Rendell spouting his obfuscations and lies.

  3. michael says:

    If there ever was any doubt….democracy is just another word supplanted by the Fascists…..Ritholtz sums it up pretty well here…


  4. William says:

    Finally someone who starts to recognize/recognizes the most obvious.

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