Canada-China investment treaty update

Here is a direct link.

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3 Responses to Canada-China investment treaty update

  1. JW says:

    It feels good to see the Green Party at work, balance the universe a bit. Thanks for the clip.

    It looks like FIPA is Mr. Harper’s version of TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) without having to give up supply management completely. (TPP is another elite clubs chaired by the US to promote free trades between the States and Pacific Rim countries, including China, Japan…. etc.) JW, Langley BC

  2. William says:

    Who says that the chinese will suck Canada dry ? Especially now the chinese economy is close to imploding.

    And how handsomely is one Stephen Harper rewarded for this Treaty ? Does he get a seat on the board of one chinese SOE after his tenure of Canada’s PM is over ?

  3. Jon Evan says:

    I thought this blog was about money management and investing!
    So now you are delving into politics? Are you then an NDP or Green supporter?
    This is what Harper said in the HoC:
    Harper countered that the NDP has opposed almost every trade deal Canada has ever struck with any country, including calling the free trade agreement with the United States a “sellout.”

    “That kind of extremism on trade is why Canadians will never entrust economic policy to the NDP,” he declared.

    Are you against the free trade agreement between Canada and the USA as well?

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