The effects of climate change–believe it or not

A discussion on the role of global warming in storms like Sandy with Paul Barrett of Bloomberg Businessweek, Bryan Walsh of Time Magazine, Steve Coll of the New Yorker and Charlie Rose. Here is a direct link.

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10 Responses to The effects of climate change–believe it or not

  1. Robert Lynn says:

    What exactly are you going to say when the next ice age starts? Climate change is part of a naturally occurring cycles that will not be controlled by “Big Government” no matter how all powerful a dictatorship it is. Why do you bother with this nonsense?

  2. BillG says:

    GW is a scam. You will end up embarrassed to support this idiocy.

  3. Ian M says:

    Man made climate change was an idea for global taxation

    It has failed, the next UN idea is to tax the Internet.

    NOTE: I believe in a tidy planet, fine folks not tax them who mess it up!

  4. Roberta says:

    Looks like sea level has risen about 200 mm (~8 inches) since 1870 (140 years). That isn’t much – unlikely enough to make a difference in this particular storm.
    I can’t tell any difference when I go to the coast.

    Why was a Times guy (Mr. Walsh) being interviewed? Is he a scientist?

    It appears that at least for the past 20 years the planet is warming, but I don’t think anyone really knows why – but many say they know – and most have an opinion. If we shut off all our cars and trucks and only used trains starting tomorrow, would the global warming stop? Might still be a good idea to burn petroleum in farm machinery – ya think? Although if people can’t get to a job (no car) then don’t know who would buy the farm products. 🙂

    Dikes and locks can save Manhattan if the rise continues.

    You’d think this was the first storm to ever hit the East Coast of the US. Seems like we didn’t have many hurricanes this year even with the warmest oceans ever – why is that?

    Dikes/locks however will not protect from a mega-tsunami:
    (scroll down to “Potential future megatsunami”)

    The west coast of the US is toast:

    If you build a city a few feet above an ocean, you might expect it to get inundated once in a while, ya think? And if you do it on foundations of sand, don’t be surprised if something happens there too:

  5. Jon Evan says:

    This is no longer a sensible investment blog but more of a ‘the sky if falling’ saga! Danielle you are sounding more and more like chicken little!!

  6. Jim says:

    For a site that claims to study history in its analysis of financial cycles, you are not willing to look at climate history. There have been over 75 hurricanes that have gone up the east coast since 1800. If NY had been as populated then as it is now you would have had a different perspective of hurricane Sandy. Reducing pollution is important, but ” climate change ideologues” have an agenda that is more based on left wing politics. I would also watch out for financial gurus who for years keep screaming “the sky is falling.”

  7. Paul Lennox says:

    NYC has seen 75 hurricanes pass by since 1800. Four have caused significant flooding, including hurricanes in 1960 and 1938 so Sandy is not unique. As a matter of fact Sandy was downgraded to a tropical storm before hitting the coast so it was not an especially strong strom. The main reason for the high storm surge and flooding was that the storm coincided with a full moon and hence a very high (spring) tide. The flooding all happened at high tide which came many hours after Sandy hit the coast. Nothing to do with global warming or climate change. But of course the politicians (Michael Bloomberg) as always, are all too eager to play the climate change card to entice federal aid for rebuilding in a flood prone area.

  8. Roberta says:

    What if a spherical asteroid 0.5 kilometer in diameter hits right in the middle of the atlantic – that’ll make a wave, eh? 🙂

    If it hits at a low angle and skims the ocean surface for a few hundred miles that might really make a mess, eh? 🙂

  9. Cory Venable says:

    Perhaps you could take your positions up with the scientists that have spent a lifetime reviewing the HISTORICAL significance of the data, as they seem to ALL agree that we have indeed altered our weather. It isn’t about arguing the relevance of outliers.
    You are correct, the sky is not falling… it’s simply trying (in spite of banker intervention) to revert to the mean….further as you are aware…Central Bankers are simply pumping TRILLIONS into markets because they feel generous at the moment and content with the way things are going.

  10. William says:

    Global Warming is NOT a bunch of BS. Mankind is – most definitely – responsible for (A PART OF) climate change. But I see – at least – 4 factors that have an impact on the climate of north America. And these 4 factors are all controlled by Nature and NOT by mankind. These 4 factors are:
    – Volcanic activity in eastern Asia (Kuril Islands, Kamchatka) and Alaska.
    – Temperature fluctuations of the Pacific and the Atlantic and the dynamic between the two.
    – Solar activity.
    – Flow of polar airmasses.

    One reason of the hurricane Sandy hitting New York is that currently the Atlantic is in a phase of unusually high temperatures.

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