The Green Smoothie: Food as Medicine

The best way to build your family’s self-sufficiency and strength is to invest in health.

Eating more fruits and vegetables is absolutely critical to improving your health. The average patient walking into our office is only eating about 2 combined servings -you need 7 to 10. That’s a big gap! One green smoothie a day is a simple strategy we’ve used with hundreds of patients to help them bridge this gap and help them transform their health !

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3 Responses to The Green Smoothie: Food as Medicine

  1. falsedata says:

    Agree……..well almost. This doctor uses way to much fruit, use 75% less. All that sugar gets converted to fat. Also the blender is a big no-no, the high speed alters the electrical charge and PH of the mix. A much better juicer would be something like this…

    In addition change the mix to more salads and vegetables….here is a suggestion.

    1.) Earthbound organic spring mix…..(juice entire box, can be purchased at Costco)
    2.) Two cups organic cabbage…………..(throw in juicer after item 1)
    3.) 1/2 English cucumber…………………(this will clean the juicer and sweeten the taste)


    4.) Add some pomegranate to sweeten it up some more.

    For more information visit the Max Gerson web site,

  2. John C says:

    I follow the Weight Watchers system, which structurally promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables without restrictions on other, shall we say, less nutritious food, i.e. I can have my cake an eat it too. Ultimately, the goal for me is unselfconscious portion control with a natural emphasis on nutritious foods. It’s worked wonders for me, and you don’t need to be a WW member. Yes, it takes more effort re: food selection and prep, and it also requires a degree of discipline, but doesn’t anything that’s worth doing?

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