Actionable ideas needed

One of the impediments to wiser policies is that while many people are excellent at criticizing, too few are willing or able to propose positive steps forward. Talk, talk, talk and too little action. Valuable commentators should be expected to lead with suggestions rather than just drone on about how hopeless things are. To come out of a crisis, the steps are admit, repent, reform, recover. Nader offers some actionable ideas in his latest book.

In his latest book The Seventeen Solutions, Ralph Nader offers what the subtitle calls: Bold Ideas for Our American Future.

“The whole theme of this book…is it’s a lot easier than you think to turn our country around in many directions and make life better,” Nader says.

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3 Responses to Actionable ideas needed

  1. FredB says:

    What’s new about back to the 60’s? This is Nader recycling himself.

  2. Robert Lynn says:

    Do you favour continuing a path to a centrally planned economy or do you think that we should return to free market principles? I don’t think that those in government are qualified to run the economy and now we have Olivia Chow proposing an “infrastructure program”. I guess that’s a new idea.

  3. Robert Lynn says:

    What does an old line marxist like Nader know about the economy? He criticizes statist policies and then suggests replacing them with more statism and taxes. Corporate crooks? What about the Government crooks? No speculation equals no market. Hello Lenin.

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