Competent new SEC head, but will she be able to get anything done?

“President Obama has nominated former New York U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White to head up the Securities and Exchange Commission. Since stepping down from her role as a state prosecutor, White has worked for the Manhattan law firm Debevoise & Plimpton.

“Over a decade as a U.S. Attorney in New York, she helped prosecute white-collar criminals and money launderers,” the president said Thursday at an event at The White House. “In the early 1990s, she brought down John Gotti, the head of the Gambino crime syndicate. And she brought to justice the terrorists responsible for bombing the World Trade Center and the American embassies in Africa. So I’d say that’s a pretty good run. You don’t want to mess with Mary Jo.”

On the flip side, White has also defended some of the biggest names on Wall Street…”

Here is a direct video link discussing the prospects for serious prosecutions of Wall Street offenders ahead.

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2 Responses to Competent new SEC head, but will she be able to get anything done?

  1. JW says:

    To me, wither Ms White can deliver the justice expected of her remains a question mark. I tend to agree with Mr. Tabibbi’s final comment in his recent post. Again, thank you both for sharing your opinions and charts. Langley, B.C.

  2. JW says:

    correction. should be whether not wither. sorry.

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