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Roubini: “Italy’s days in the Euro may be numbered.”

Good ‘cut to the chase’ article in the Financial Times from Nouriel Roubini on likely outcomes facing the European union staggering under debts far and wide: “…since half of the European financial stability facility’s resources are already committed to Greece, Ireland, Portugal and … Continue reading

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Insider Trading in Washington

Former high-flying lobbyist Jack Abramoff explains why members of Congress consistently beat the market. “They have information that other people don’t have,” he tells CNBC’s Eamon Javers. Abramoff was convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy in 2006. If your browser … Continue reading

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Debt is the universal 4 letter word

With the more sober bond markets closed for Remembrance Day, the stock market is today partying again like drunken teenagers unchaperoned for the night. Hangovers to follow. Keeping an eye on reality, we note that Jefferson County, Alabama filed the largest municipal … Continue reading

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Danielle’s weekly market update with Talk Digital Network

Danielle spoke to Phil Mackesy of Talk Digital Network today discussing recent developments in the global economy and world markets. You can listen to the audio clip here. (warning from Danielle: “When I said 750m was paid per CDO deal to … Continue reading

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