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Propers losing the battle?

This picture says a thousand words: pretend and extend, jack-up and prop, goose and juice, the weight of the world’s over-indebtedness has gravity on its side. Source: Cory Venable, CMT, Venable Park Investment Counsel Inc

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The origin and some valid complaints behind the Occupy movement

Eric Bates of The Rolling Stone gives a balanced and adult assessment of the origin and momentum behind the Occupy movement in this clip. The bespectacled co-host Joe is clearly annoyed nay even threatened by the “nebulous” movement as evidenced … Continue reading

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More insight on the “sell side” beast

Having spent just over 6 years of my wide-eyed youth in a sell-side, bank owned securities firm, I learned my loathing for the beast first-hand.  That said, far from a wasted experience, I remain greatly enriched by the education:  it taught me everything I … Continue reading

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Nassim Taleb solution: “ban bonuses for bankers”

My grandfather was born December 31, 1899.  He was in his 20’s and 30’s during the credit boom of the 20’s and resulting Depression of the 30’s when he worked as a streetcar driver in Detroit.  I was lucky enough to grow up … Continue reading

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Jim Rogers: “100% chance of financial crisis worse than 2008”

I don’t agree that commodities can only go up in this crisis. They dropped like stones in the last two recessions, I see no reason they should act differently this time. But I like his matter-of-fact assessment of the solution … Continue reading

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Good discussion on the farce of counting more debt as progress

This clip is from October 27 when the Eurozone announced the 50% hair cut proposal on Greek bonds and the idea of levering up the EFSF and world markets roared with short-lived excitement. But the discussion is adult and worth … Continue reading

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