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Jim Rogers: “…all you have to do, let them go bankrupt, let the people who made the bad loans take their losses and start over

We hear so much horse dung today about what kind of “solutions can be orchestrated to resolve the debt crisis”.  It is dead simple: we let the bad loans go bust, we let the investors who made bad bets take losses, and we start … Continue reading

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ECRI: recession call in tact- nothing has changed that

Right here this U.S. economy is dipping into a recession and nothing that has transpired changes a forecast for a recession, says Lakshman Achuthan, Economic Cycle Research co-founder/chief operations office, who adds that highly negative growth rate is still being … Continue reading

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Niall Ferguson: The 6 killer apps of prosperity

Over the past few centuries, Western cultures have been very good at creating general prosperity for themselves. Historian Niall Ferguson asks: Why the West, and less so the rest? He suggests half a dozen big ideas from Western culture — … Continue reading

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The easy come and frequent go of high risk money

“Having millions deposited into a bank account, does not mean that wisdom is deposited with it.”– p 23 Juggling Dynamite Today’s wealth has become far more volatile than ever, says Robert Frank, “The High-Beta Rich” author. He adds that the … Continue reading

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