Desperate and jobless Chinese turn to plastic surgery

Increasing financial desperation is a growing theme today both for those trying to find work and those trying to live on what their savings can safely provide. As the global recession resumes, these strains are likely to mount for a while longer yet. This story about Chinese youth struck a chord this morning.

As the Chinese labor market becomes more competitive increasing amounts of jobless are turning to plastic surgery to boost their employment chances. Here is a direct link.

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2 Responses to Desperate and jobless Chinese turn to plastic surgery

  1. michael says:

    We operate in a continuing and escalating fake and fraudulent global society. The rule of law has been hijacked. The Fascists are clearly in control. Did any sane observer really think Corzine was going to get prosecuted?

    The point of self destruction for the Fascists is some time far off in the future. We will have our moments of lucidity but the drive for a one order world will continue and will eventually be fulfilled.
    Until then we do what we can to survive and attemp to keep our assets intact.

  2. John says:

    Now I know what I did wrong.

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