Canadian credit addiction at all time high

Despite repeated warnings about consumer debt levels, the Globe’s Roma Luciw explains how we’ve now seen two straight quarters where non-mortgage debt levels have risen. Here is a direct link.

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  1. michael says:

    “Spam saves the day”

    The masses in their purposefully directed ignorance too stupid or too lazy to produce their own food continue in their sugar/fat fueled addiction to feed the chemical rich processed “food” industry. They line up at food banks, lethargic, obese to get rationed packages of processed mac and cheese, loaves of stale white bread and cans, lots and lots of cans.
    Coupon users and consumer advocacy groups tout the bonanza of free “food” available to astute couponers, all of it prepackaged chemical rich crap designed to feed the addiction.
    We prefer to grow grass and shrubs and douse them with a miriad of toxic chemicals rather than much easier grown pure, life sustaining food.
    Go figure.

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