Mike Mayo one of the few useful analysts

I spoke about analyst Mike Mayo in my book Juggling Dynamite as being one of the few independent useful analysts on Wall Street. He has been repeatedly ostracized by management and his peers for honest calls that do not play the game. Here he is this morning talking about the current state of the financial system and why what we have today is not capitalism. He also has a new book “Exile on Wall Street” which I will read.
For those viewers who cannot see the video clip below, you can view it here .

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7 Responses to Mike Mayo one of the few useful analysts

  1. Mark Hancock says:

    I’d really like to hear that item but cannot find the link? (Have added the book to my Amazon wish list tho!) Thx

  2. Mark the link is there and working. It is a CNBC clip from yesterday. Not sure what the problem is on your end. Sorry

  3. Geeta Saxena says:

    I can’t say enough to show how much I appreciate having access to your blog. I am new to the world of “managing my own funds”! I have learn tremendously from your blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your readers !

    About the link for Mike Mayo’s talk on CNBC, I also have difficulty finding it. It is not visible on the page for viewers (from my end)……!

  4. cosmo says:

    Ditto. No video, or link to video.
    This problem occurs every now and then, on this site.
    I have previously reported to admin folk.
    Cheers 🙂

  5. dazzo says:

    For me the link appears in Internet Explorer 8 but not in Firefox 7.

  6. michael says:

    Wishful thinking that there will actually be any voluntary meaningful reforms.
    Funny isn’t it, Bernie Madoff steals from the rich and goes to jail for 150 years(what a meaningless number)….. the banks steal from the poor and get a bonus along with the get out of jail go free card.

    Here’s to GP and hoping he can withstand the browbeating from Merkel and Co…..it’s time to finally now let the people decide….default really is the only option.

  7. Mark Hancock says:

    Thx Danielle, but, unlike all the other embedded videos on your blog, this one just doesn’t appear for me. I’m another Firefox user and have just checked that it DOES appear under IE – so I’ve just been able to watch it. Many thanks, as always, for bringing such interesting and informative items to our attention.

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