ECRI: recession call in tact- nothing has changed that

Right here this U.S. economy is dipping into a recession and nothing that has transpired changes a forecast for a recession, says Lakshman Achuthan, Economic Cycle Research co-founder/chief operations office, who adds that highly negative growth rate is still being seen by key economic data.

For those unable to view this clip, click here.

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4 Responses to ECRI: recession call in tact- nothing has changed that

  1. JW says:

    Numbers don’t lie. Thanks. JW, Vancouver

    Not able to see the clip (not an IE user), the video clip is on the front page of Business Cycles –

  2. Scott Doane says:

    Can’t see the segment you posted from ECRI. Other ECRI postings have worked in the past. I’m using Safari on a Mac.


  3. bernie karpf says:

    I saw the clip. I am going to send a condolence card to Lakman (sp). Why does he put himself thru the CNBC nonsense? Liebman, who has been seeing a recovery that hasn’t been there for many yrs – won’t even listen to the guy. And Andrew whatshisname doesn’t know any better then to listen to the guy.
    ECRI has not been wrong. One other thing. Andrew and Liebman kept pointing to the Stock Market as a leading indicator. As well as the investment houses. But – when the Nasdaq hit 7million in yr 2000 – was that reflective of where the economy was?

  4. Floyd says:

    The interviewers were disrespectful.
    Lakshman has the right to keep his secret sauce concealed (like anybody else).
    The interviewers have the right to question and ask, even be skeptic. But, they would do better demonstrate respect.
    Regardless, while no prediction is a guarantee, I would not trivialize or ignore the odds that ECRI are correct yet again.

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