The easy come and frequent go of high risk money

“Having millions deposited into a bank account, does not mean that wisdom is deposited with it.”– p 23 Juggling Dynamite

Today’s wealth has become far more volatile than ever, says Robert Frank, “The High-Beta Rich” author. He adds that the culture of wealth creation is determined by stock and it is a revolving door of riches.

“The truth about human nature is that it must be constrained in order to be wise. Even those of us who are educated and trained in managing money must guard against our human susceptibility to fear and freed. Unbridled optimism and rampant risk-seeking are well-worn paths to ruin when it comes to money. We have to set up objective rules to control our tendency to hubris, and we must act like grown-ups in taking responsibility for our money decisions.” – pg 27, Juggling Dynamite

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