The origin and some valid complaints behind the Occupy movement

Eric Bates of The Rolling Stone gives a balanced and adult assessment of the origin and momentum behind the Occupy movement in this clip. The bespectacled co-host Joe is clearly annoyed nay even threatened by the “nebulous” movement as evidenced by his sarcasm, crossed arms and embarrassing demenor which runs away from a weighty discussion to a gushing adoration of Keith Richards. A dead give away for light-weight thinking is to sarcastically reject those highlighting legitimate complaints with high school-banter from the comfy chairs, powdered nose and manicure of a warm studio.  You can view the clip here or below:

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The Occupy movement cuts a broad swath of complaints from many perspectives– some very enlightened, some clearly not. But to dismiss the entire group as hippies and hapless is to admit one’s own profound ignorance.

Read this intelligent review for more understanding of the issues before us:  Meritocracy vs. Plutocracy.

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