Once more to the fore: end-of-month-pump-plan promised

As the world’s Central bankers once more “co-ordinate” to promise fire trucks full of money to the freezing global credit markets, stock markets are doing back-flips on the news. The fact that global contagion and recession risks are now evident enough to prompt such radical announcements is apparently news for another day. In the meantime, this clip made me giggle. For the adults in the room, giggles these days are not too plentiful and always much appreciated.

Link to clip here.

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  1. Paula/NS says:

    Hi Danielle,
    Given the constant manipulation by central banks and governments, I’m not sure how to side step all the land mines they keep planting. I’m currently 99% cash and had been contemplating using inverse etf’s at some point when this newest liquidity infusion runs its course. Which way is the market going?….toss a freaking coin!

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