Good idea: 123GoTV

123GoTV hooks up to any kids’ bike and any TV. The motion sensor on the device knows when the rear wheel is spinning and relays a signal to the TV component to play. When the child is pedaling, the TV show plays; stop and the TV picture pauses. According to Dr. Bruce Hensel, “I think it’s a great idea; there is too much obesity.”  You can order it here for $199 plus shipping.  If you cannot see the clip embedded below, look here.

An even better version would provide self-generated power to the TV from the rider’s output. Save fossil fuel, improve fitness and naturally limit the amount of screen time. Win, win, win.  This is not just for kids–each member of the family can take shifts, sharing their energy output to provide entertainment for the group. Actually given the staggering health bills facing all tax payers today, we all have an interest in getting people off the couch. Now to get the computers powered off human energy…

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6 Responses to Good idea: 123GoTV

  1. michael says:

    Just what we all need more consumer JUNK!! Maybe better to throw the TV out and instead of watching useless crud take that bike and use it as it was meant to be used.

  2. Yes they can ride outside when they are out; but the reality is kids are not usually outside for hours most days. After school and activities, they are usually inside more than out for all sorts of reasons including climate, safety, supervision. This is a way to keep them active and limit screen time while they are inside.

  3. CC says:

    Great idea! It also teaches that you shouldn’t get something for nothing.

  4. Jack from Surrey says:

    Thankfully, my three boys, if given the option, would rather play some kind of sport outside with their friends than stay inside and play video games or watch TV. Weather for these guys isn’t an issue either….

  5. JW says:

    Poor kids. Sorry. That was the first thought came to my mind. Next thing you know, they would have to paddle just to tweet or talk to their BFFL on the phone. Anyway, both of you make good points. JW, Vancouver.

  6. peter says:

    I am with Michael with this one! But, can we create a similar contraption for Canada? I am thinking a mechanical snow shovel hooked to an ipad or a smartphone! Texting and youtube are allowed as long as you shovel the snow, kid! 🙂

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